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Jeb Bush

Just top-notch. As Ed Gillespie said in his introduction, if his name were Jeb Smith, he’d probably be in Des Moines right now. He gives a sense of being seasoned, mature, and principled. His advice to Republicans–drawn from his experience in Florida–that they should be willing to “say no” to more government, always work to cut taxes, and always be for reform was spot-on (if obviously very general). I especially appreciated the last point he made in his talk about the importance of culture. He said how we need to support intact families or you are going to have people with problems so dire they will inevitably have to fall back on government (I forget exactly how he put it, but that seemed the gist of it to me). That is an extremely important point, and one most politicians are too timid to make, even if they believe it. Finally, he was utterly comfortable taking on the audience on immigration when it came up during the Q&A. I’m hoping he’s a conservative leader for a long time to come.


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