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Jeb’s Latest Salvo

It’s the latest salvo in the Jeb Bush-Donald Trump throwdown: The former Florida governor on Wednesday is releasing a quiz on Facebook targeting voters in the first four early-voting states highlighting the liberal positions held or previously held by the real-estate magnate. The quiz consists of seven questions that are intended to highlight Trump’s support, at one time or another, for abortion, gun control, and tax increases, among other things. Take a look at the questions below:  

The quiz is Bush’s latest attempt to parry Trump’s aggressive and personal attacks. The latest back-and-forth between the two began when Trump released a video on Monday linking Bush’s statement that some illegal immigrants cross the border as an “act of love” to provide for their families to the murders of a handful of Americans at the hands of illegal immigrants, including that of San Francisco resident Kate Steinle, who was gunned down in July by an undocumented Mexican felon. 

Bush hit back, charging that Trump has supported Democratic politicians who are themselves soft on crime, and releasing a video that featured Trump praising Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, and espousing a number of Democratic positions. Trump charged that it was “another weak hit by a candidate with a failing campaign,” and warned that Bush would sink as low in the polls as others who have attacked him.  

Now comes the Facebook quiz, intended to make inroads with a group of voters who appear to be more attracted to personality than ideology. Whether it changes minds, and how Trump responds, remains to be seen. 

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