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A Yuuuuuuge Deal

Senator Jeff Sessions is one of the most respected conservatives in Congress. Even when I have disagreed with him on issues, I personally have greatly admired and respected him for both his character and his intellect – and I’m far from alone in this. That he could endorse Trump is a huge story. Chris Christie means something a lot different to conservatives than Jeff Sessions does. (I said on Facebook a few minutes ago, “Sorry, Trump foes . . . this thing is O.V.E.R.” That was over-hasty on my part, and wrong; especially in a year as crazy this one, nothing’s over until it’s over. But that expostulation captures how shocked I am by Sessions’s endorsement. Yeah, I know he said some nice things about Trump before, but I always thought he’d end up backing Cruz. That he’s not backing Cruz – who I think is a lot more like Jeff Sessions than Donald Trump is – suggests the problems Cruz is having.)  


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