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Sessions: ‘I Have Confidence in Mr. Mueller’

Attorney General Jeff Sessions: I have known Mr. Mueller over the years. He served twelve years as the FBI Director. He, um, I knew him before that, and I have confidence in Mr. Mueller.

Senator Mark Warner: So you have confidence in Mr. Mueller that he can do his job?

Sessions: But I’m not going to discuss any hypotheticals of what might be a factual situation in the future that I’m not aware of today because I know nothing about the investigation and have fully recused myself.

Warner: I’ve got a series of questions, sir. Do you believe that the president has confidence in Director Mueller?

Sessions: I have no idea. I have not talked to him about it.

Warner: Now if — will you commit to this committee not to take any personal actions that might result in Director Mueller’s firing or dismissal?

Sessions: Well I think I could probably say that with confidence because I’m recused from the investigation.


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