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In Jenna Bush Interview, Diane Sawyer Zeroes In On Matt Damon Question

First daughter Jenna Bush was interviewed by ABC’s Diane Sawyer for an episode of “20/20″ that will air Friday.  From the excerpts released by ABC:

SAWYER: Do you agree with your dad on the Iraq War?  Do you disagree?

JENNA BUSH: You know I’m not here to talk about that, but I’m also not a policymaker.  It’s a really complicated, obviously a very complicated subject.  Everybody can agree on that.

SAWYER: You know there’ve been people, Matt Damon among them, who have said should the Bush daughters be fighting in Iraq?

JENNA BUSH: Obviously I understand that question and see what the point of that question is for sure.  I think there are many ways to serve your country. I think…what’s most appropriate for me to do is to teach or to work in UNICEF and represent our country in Latin America.  But you know I don’t think it’s a practical question. I think if people really thought about it, they know that we would put many people in danger.  But I understand the point of it.  I hope that I serve by being a teacher.


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