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Jesse Ventura Goes ‘Off the Grid’ to Escape Republicans, Democrats, and Drones

The United States is becoming more and more like East Berlin, and that’s why Jesse Ventura needed to flee to Mexico, he told CNBC on Tuesday. Additionally, his fear of drones has led the former wrestler and Minnesota governor to live a nomadic lifestyle.

“I’m off the grid — I’ve tried for 20 years to warn the country about the Democrats and Republicans, and nobody’s listening,” Ventura explained. “I now view the United States from the outside and I don’t like what I see.”

Citing both major political parties for “the mess we’re in,” he called for changes to the American political process and more independent voices, in the mold of his surprisingly successful run for governor.

Ventura also heralded his appropriately named show, Off the Grid, for solving problems on both an economic and immigration front: By employing Mexicans to work on his crew, they will not go into the United States to get jobs there, he explained.


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