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Jet Blue Blues

As someone who flies all the time, I sincerely believe that Jet Blue is the model for the future of domestic air travel. But as it gets bigger, it gets more bureaucratic and when combined with the weird federal regulations designed to defeat yesterday’s terrorist tactics and yet not offend anyone, you get situations like this:

This past weekend, seething with jealously over Jonah’s visit to Cabo, my family and I zipped to Lake Tahoe to take advantage of the early snow. Flying to and from Sacramento on Jet Blue, on both legs all four of us were “randomly” selected by Jet Blue for extra TSA screening. Physical pat downs, total bag searches, etc. Now, while the computer system is supposed aid in the war on terrorism by pick out people who pay cash at the last minute, fly one way, have background issues, etc – it kept picking us. Hey, security is my business, so I’m happy to comply. But have you ever seen a three year old with his arms up and patted down? It is almost funny – except to the three year old. Especially the second time around.

Made it as far up the chain of command at Jet Blue as I could to get an explanation and not only was there not one, but when I mentioned how we couldn’t possibly fit any profiles, the bored robot at customer service perked up to smartly remind me that profiling would be illegal.

Feeling safer now. And, we’ll all sleep better knowing my three year old is packing nothing but a soggy pull-up.

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