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The Jews Kill Arab Babies, Redgrave Says

Vanessa Redgrave, U.N. “Good will” ambassador goes even too far for the U.N. while in the Mideast: From the Chicago-Sun Times:

According to Vanessa Redgrave, the British actress and campaigner for human rights, especially on behalf of the Palestinians, Israel’s troops practice wanton and deliberate infanticide.

She made this allegation in the course of a monotonal discourse about the suffering endured by the Arabs of the West Bank and Gaza Strip as her United Nations colleagues and escorts sat beside her without batting an eyelash.

No mother could possibly be accustomed to the fact that her little girl will go to school ”and will sit with her classmates and an Israeli sniper will shoot at a classroom full of Palestinian children who are in their uniforms with their little scarves,” she said.

The venue for this bizarre and spine-tingling charge was the colorful American Colony Hotel, where Palestinian politicians and propagandists prefer to meet foreign correspondents.

”Any Palestinian mother or schoolchild knows that a schoolchild who is dressed in the uniform can be and is frequently shot in the head — not in the chest, not in the legs, in the head.”

Redgrave based this horrendous allegation on one of four documentary films produced by UNRWA (the U.N. Relief and Works Agency) and screened last month at the world organization’s alternate headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, where a conference was held on life in the Palestinian refugee camps. The camps are funded and operated by UNRWA.

But a query put to UNRWA’s spokesperson in the Gaza Strip, Paul McCann, suggested that the 68-year-old thespian either was dissembling or simply misunderstood….

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