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Jihad Summer Camp

You probably heard that last Friday, federal

agents raided the northern Virginia offices of the World Association of

Muslim Youth (WAMY), one of those Wahhabi charities we know and love. The

folks at the Investigative Project sent me pages from a songbook from WAMY’s

summer camp for Muslim kids. Here’s an excerpt of a campfire tune prescribed

for the little rascals:

Bring back the glory to its lions

And restore the zeal to its soldiers

Flatten evil in its cradle

And unsheath the swords

And don’t be concerned here with difficulties.

Ask the kuffaar [infidels]: who repelled their tyrants?

And ask the mushrikeen [infidels]: who terrified their supporters?

…Ask the blood which reddened the face of the earth


Alas, we have forgotten our position here (now)

And we’ve abandoned the shariah and our role

Error has built in our territory whatever it has

And it has built nothing but weakness and ruin.

And it has built nothing but weakness and ruin.

And we nurture nothing but desires and falsehoods!

Hail! Hail! O sacrificing soldiers!

To us! To us! So we may defend the flag

On this Day of Jihad, are you miserly with your blood?!

And has life become dearer to you? And staying behind sweeter?

Is staying in this world of torment more pleasing to us?…

We’re a long way from “Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda,” habibi.


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