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Jindal: Bloomberg and Holder Are ‘Surprised We Can Tie Our Own Shoelaces’

A particularly delicious segment of Governor Bobby Jindal’s remarks to the NRA Leadership Forum at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis this afternoon:

We must not let our opponents redefine what it means to be an American, and what it means to trust in the decision making of individuals. If you want to see their vision for America, just have a conversation with Michael Bloomberg or Eric Holder — if you can stand it, that is.

They think government should pick your soft drink, your snack food, your vices, your home security system, your health insurance, your electricity source, and your children’s school. They think we’re too dumb to order pizza and too dangerous to protect our land.

They take perhaps the most pessimistic view of Americans we have ever seen from national leaders in our history. If you listen to them, you get the feeling they’re surprised we can tie our own shoelaces without government intervention They probably think that’s why we wear cowboy boots. 


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