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Jindal For Governor

The Louisiana Republican has a piece in the WSJ on jobs and other good stuff:

The people of Louisiana are hungry for more economic opportunities. Why should our children have to pursue their dreams in Houston, Atlanta, Birmingham, or Charlotte? Here’s why: We’ve created a climate in Louisiana that’s hostile to business, to progress, to taxpayers. New Orleans was once the capital of the South, but 75 years of demagogues ranting in Technicolor ways about government being the answer to all our problems has taken a toll. We’ll eliminate the investment taxes unique to Louisiana that keep businesses away, reform our tort system so that we’re no longer among the worst states in terms of frivolous lawsuits, and ease the regulatory burden so that small businesses can create jobs. This message is resonating with our voters. Louisianians want to build their own version of the American Dream, and the crying shame is that they don’t have enough opportunities to do it here at home.


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