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Jindal: GOP Getting Ready to ‘Wave the White Flag’ on Obamacare

Appearing between conservative heavyweights Wisconsin governor Scott Walker and Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal showed he could more than hold his own at CPAC on Thursday evening., slamming the new Republican majority in Congress for not trying hard enough to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Jindal warned that GOP congressmen were getting ready to “wave the white flag” on repealing the health-care law just like they have on President Obama’s executive amnesty. 

“It is time for them to govern the way they campaigned at get rid of Obamacare,” Jindal said. “We don’t need Obamacare-lite.”

The latter mention refers to Jindal’s frequent criticism of some conservative replacements for the law, which he says are too similar to Obamacare itself. Earlier in the day, a number of proponents of such alternatives had appeared at a panel on the same stage, but Jindal has repeatedly argued his think tank’s alternative, which would provide fewer government subsidies for health insurance than the more prominent Republican alternatives, is superior.

The Louisiana governor, who’s almost certainly running for president in 2016, has a busy weekend ahead of him. His budget proposal for the state of Louisiana will be unveiled tomorrow, and he will be in attendance at a gathering sponsored by the Club for Growth in Florida later this weekend as well. 

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