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Jittery Excitement at Hillary HQ

Hello from Baruch College, just eight blocks down the avenue from NRHQ. I’m blogging from inside the college gymnasium where Hillary will concede (or not concede) in a few minutes. If this is to be a concession speech, then the crowd is either in denial or else kind of excited to be witnessing a historic moment. Having attended what turned out to be Fred Thompson’s last official campaign event (the night after the South Carolina primary), I can tell you that the mood of that crowd was quite different, and a lot more somber.

Part of the reason the crowd seems amped up, I’m sure, is that they’re performing for the hundreds of cameras stacked in the risers and elsewhere in the gym. This event has attracted more press than any I’ve attended, with the exception of the Philadelphia debate last month where, of course, both candidates were on hand. But maybe they’re excited because they just don’t believe Hillary’s giving up tonight.

Is the interminable Democratic primary really about to end, here in this Murray Hill gymnasium? It’s hard for me to believe. Maybe it’s hard for Hillary’s supporters to believe it, too.


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