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A Job for Lois

I guess I knew about this when the matter came to light, but I had forgotten about it — what with the speed and volume of news and all. A Politico article reminded me: “In most of her criticized email correspondence released thus far from GOP investigators, Lerner has referred to scrutinizing conservative groups, like Crossroads GPS, while at the same time joking with colleagues that she wanted to work for the pro-Obama group Organizing for America.”

That would be a nice job for her. Red-hot partisans should not work in sensitive governmental positions such as Lerner had. They belong at the DNC or wherever.

Actually, I’m a red-hot partisan, but I believe I could do an IRS job fairly. Who would believe it, though? The Lois Lerners should make honest women and men of themselves, and wear their colors forthrightly — same as the rest of us partisans.

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