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A Job for Romney

Mona’s second look at Mitt Romney has convinced me that he would make an excellent Secretary of the Treasury. And he should probably be put in charge of FEMA at the same time. All that skill at turnarounds should not be wasted. But he still looks a little wooden and corporate to me for world class leadership.

I will offer a more serious defense of the candidate I support — Rudy Giuliani — shortly. But, in a nutshell, nowhere in Mona’s summary of Romney’s virtues do the words “national security,” “foreign policy,” or “terrorism” appear. Indeed, that is the general shortcoming in the GOP field, and, to a far greater extent, among the Democratic candidates.

Should Rudy’s campaign continue to fade, bit by bit, by failing to offer a clear vision that gives voters something positive to identify with, I’d have no problem voting for Romney. I just don’t think he can beat Hillary.


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