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Jobs Americans Won’t Do?

Another WaPo sob story about a firm desperate for more H-1B visas. The Baltimore company’s CEO says “We offer the same salaries and perks whether you’re from Baltimore or Bangladesh . . . but we simply cannot find enough qualified U.S.-born staff to fuel our growth.”

Well, John Miano, a Fellow with my Center, took a look for me at the “Labor Condition Applications” that the company filed with the Department of Labor to receive its H-1B workers. Lo and behold, the average H-1B wage for architects at this particular firm is about $45,000, compared with the average for all architects in Baltimore of about $69,000. So while it may be true that the company pays its foreign contract labor the same as its American workers, it seems to be paying all its architects 35 percent less than the market average. It’s no wonder they can’t find enough American workers. But why is it government’s job to help this business avoid adjusting to market realities?


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