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“Scarborough Country” was a little wild on MSNBC last night, since usually calm liberal Lawrence O’Donnell was yelling and refusing to shut up. The topic? Whether young John F. Kerry was present at a meeting of Vietnam Veterans Against the War when they debated assassinating pro-war politicians. O’Donnell was loudly protesting that no one can remember what they were doing 33 years ago, so why would anyone focus on what Kerry did in 1971? Youthful indiscretion! Youthful indiscretion!

It would have been nice if liberals like O’Donnell had tried that line when the networks were doing 63 stories on Lt. Bush’s dental records and other minutiae of his National Guard service. Kerry’s record was also debated on Scarborough by Pat Buchanan and Thomas Lipscomb, who’s been reporting on the topic for the New York Sun.

PS: Howard Dean appeared on the Tavis Smiley TV show on PBS. In the part I saw, Dr. Dean supported John Kerry’s position on Haiti, suggesting that Jean-Baptiste “C’mon Baby Light My Tire” Aristide was the legitimate democratic leader and should have been supported by the United States. But Dean uncharacteristically suggested he wasn’t well-briefed on Haiti,which is surprising given his primary-season enthusiasm for Wyclef Jean’s rap songs in Creole…

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