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Joe Biden Wants You to Smile at Him

Joe Biden isn’t used to audiences not being charmed by his antics, so when he noticed a few uninterested members at the National Governors Association summer meeting in Nashville, he literally (as the vice president would say) took matters into his own hands.

“You haven’t smiled the whole damn time, man — I’m a little worried,” he said to North Carolina’s Pat McCrory, stopping midway through his speech. He walked over to McCrory and gave him a hug, causing the governor to finally give the grin that Biden was looking for.

“He and Governor Brewer [of Arizona] are the only two who haven’t smiled at me,” Biden continued, waiting until Brewer gave him a smile too before moving on.

“I’m getting worried, man,” Biden said, turning back to McCrory. “You’re sitting there just looking at me like, ‘What the hell is this guy doing?’”


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