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Egad, Ginger Baby Kennedy Was Terrible

I’d never watched Joe Kennedy III before. Apparently a couple of his speeches have gone viral, and the Democrats thought he was just the rising star they needed to respond to Trump’s first State of the Union.

Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. No. Ginger Baby Kennedy looks like the most boring nerd in middle school, and he spoke as if he were running for Student Council president. He had moisture at the corners of his mouth. He seemed nervous. He was emotional to the point where he seemed like he might start to cry. He spoke what I’m told is terrible Spanish in an effort to be ingratiating. As my pal Joe Simonson of The Daily Caller pointed out on Twitter, a Kennedy is not the person to make the case against elites sucking up all the wealth, nor is he the one to align himself with sexually mistreated women under the #MeToo rubric. Kennedy seemed like the kid who gets jammed into a locker in a high-school comedy — and the crowd laughs with the bullies who do this to him. America is not a nerd-loving nation. Go ask Mike Dukakis about that. Moreover, his weepy downer of a speech was way too pessimistic. This isn’t 1932.

If Joe Kennedy III is the future of the Democratic party, the Democratic party has no future. 



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