The Corner

With Joe—The Trouble With Cute

During his presentation last night, an enthusiastic Lieberman fan captured the charm of Joe Lieberman and his big problem as a presidential candidate. Literally after every funny thing he said–and he’s pretty funny–she exclaimed, “He’s SO cute!” She didn’t mean it in the sense that he’s good looking, just that he’s so genuine and good-natured and non-threatening and, well, cute. After his introducer, an Irish guy, said some may question whether the country is ready for Jewish president, but that it is, Lieberman joked that “yes, and the best person to answer that question is an Irishman.” “He’s SO cute!” Lieberman joked how someone in Washington once saved him from getting hit by falling flag poll, “and that’s when you know someone Washington is really your friend.” “He’s SO cute!” He took a question from a little girl, calling her “a lovely little lady.” “He’s SO cute!” The trouble is the country may not, at a time like this, be looking for a cute president, even one with admirably hawkish views.