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Joe Wilson Makes Official Kerry Endorsement

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — Former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, who

accused the Bush administration of manipulating intelligence to

exaggerate the threat from Iraq, endorsed Democrat John Kerry for

president on Thursday.

In a conference call with New Hampshire reporters, Wilson said

he and Kerry, the Massachusetts senator, have shared the experience

of challenging their government — Wilson when he questioned the

“rush to war” with Iraq, Kerry when he challenged America’s role

in Vietnam.

Speaking from Washington, Wilson said Kerry’s actions, coming

when he was but 23-year-old Vietnam War veteran, makes him stand

out in the Democratic presidential field.

“John Kerry did the same thing after he came out of Vietnam, I

did it at the age of 53 … with a long and distinguished career

behind me,” Wilson said. “John Kerry did it at the very beginning

of his career.

“I know how these sorts of things test one’s mettle,” he said.

“To have stood up and said what he did, at the time that he did,

in my judgment, sets him apart from the other candidates.”


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