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John Kerry Discovers The Bush Doctrine

John Kerry’s take on Haiti from the Democrats’ debate in NYC this morning: “This president always makes decisions late after things have happened that could have been different had the president made a different decision earlier,” Kerry said. “I never would have allowed it to get out of control the way it did.”

So if we’re talking about a nation that supports international terror and the Islamo-Fascists who’ve killed thousands of Americans, President Bush is wrong (according to Kerry) for acting pre-emptively. But if it’s a question of imposing a government on a nation that poses no threat to the US, then President Bush should have laid a little imperialism on Haiti a long time ago.

The Democrats’ hypocrisy on Haiti vs. Iraq should be self-evident. Unfortunately, this story is being covered by CNN, who carefully avoid noticing hypocrisy on the Left whenever possible.

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