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John Kerry

I keep seeing the guy out there like, you know, he thinks he could be president or something. Does anybody seriously think this country will ever, ever, ever elect John Kerry President? The only reason he got the nomination in 2004 was that Dean’s candidacy imploded and liberals had convinced themselves that a veteran would win against Bush — even though Kerry was arguably the worst conceivable veteran to nominate based on that already dubious theory. I know a lot of liberals. I hear from even more. I’ve never gotten the impression that John Kerry is their actual preferred — as in first choice — candidate. Very few people think he’s a likable person. Personally, I think Al Gore brims with charm by comparison. In an open contest in 2008, why would the party renominate Kerry? Seriously, I am baffled by the notion.

Oh, and let me anticipate one answer that leaves me entirely cold: He got a lot of votes in the general election in 2004. So what? I doubt that he added more than a handful of votes to the Democratic ticket that wouldn’t have already gone to the Democrat.  Indeed, I think almost any other credible candidate would have gotten more votes.  That was a base election and a referendum on Bush. What constituency or demographic would he bring to the Democrats in ‘08 that would otherwise go to a Republican? I can’t think of one. 

John Kerry’s destiny is to be the answer to a trivia question and nothing more.  


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