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John Kerry: Not So Swift

Oh sweet sassafrass, Jonah, that article on Kerry is insanely biased and unfair. My favorite bit was this:

In May 2005, he began signing the Standard Form 180, giving reporters access to his full Navy record personnel and medical records – something he refused to do during the campaign.

Subsequent reviews showed those records mostly duplicated documents Kerry released during the 2004 campaign. In addition, they included numerous commendations from commanders who went on to criticize Kerry’s service during the presidential race.

That disclosure renewed questions about why Kerry did not respond more forcefully with control over the White House at stake.

There was no question about why Kerry didn’t release his records earlier. The reason being that Kerry’s full personnel record revealed that he got slightly worse grades than Bush at Yale. So Kerry was apparently dumber or as dumb as that word-mangling simpleton currently in the White House. (Bush’s military aptitude tests also suggest that he has a higher IQ than Kerry.) That revelation could have been disastrous for his campaign.


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