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John McCain: We’re Losing to ISIS

President Obama’s plan to “degrade and ultimately defeat” ISIS is failing, according to Senator John McCain (R., Ariz.).

“The president [must] recognize that he was incorrect when he said we`re not losing,” McCain said on Face the Nation on Sunday morning. “We need to have a strategy. There is no strategy. And anybody that says that there is, I would like to hear what it is, because it certainly isn`t apparent now, and right now we are seeing these horrible — reports are now in Palmyra they`re executing people and leaving their bodies in the streets. Meanwhile, the president of the United States is saying that the biggest enemy we have is climate change.”

Obama told The Atlantic that the recent capture of Ramadi by ISIS terrorists is just a “tactical setback.”

McCain said that he believes the American people would support deploying “a number of thousands” of troops back to Iraq. 

“I called for the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld, my own president`s secretary of defense, because I saw we were losing,” he said. “Then, George W. Bush at least had the guts to reverse and sponsor the surge, which we eventually then succeeded. I wish, I pray that Barack Obama would do the same thing.”



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