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John Peel

Corner readers, of course, know everything, so, contrary to my assumptions, quite a few people wrote in to say they knew perfectly well, thank you very much, about John Peel, the legendary – and very wonderful – British DJ who died earlier this week. It’s also been interesting to see how many, including me, have been saddened more than we might have expected by his death, a reflection, I suppose, of nostalgia, the intimacy of radio – or truly great radio – as a medium, and a good guy gone too soon.

As any Brits out there will understand, no-one has described Peel better than the commenter on a BBC website who wrote this:

“I’m sure I have similar memories to everyone else – the main one being as a kid, under the duvet, with a radio on listening to exciting new music that you couldn’t hear anywhere else. Not only was the music amazing, but it felt like your mate (or kindly uncle perhaps) was presenting it….” (Via Harry’s Place)

Under the circumstances, therefore (for anyone needing a break from this election), here’s his all-time festive 50, courtesy of the Independent. Start with number 18.