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John Pod On David Kay

John Podhoretz’s column today in the New York Post draws attention to something so important and obvious that all the reporting on the appearance before Congress last week of David Kay, the man charged with searching for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, simply left it out.

“Even the bulkiest materials we are searching for,” Kay said, “in the quantities we would expect to find, can be concealed in spaces not much larger than a two car garage.” So far Kay and his team of 400 have managed to search only 10 of the 130 Iraqi ammunition dumps, some of which “exceed 50 square miles in size and hold an estimated 600,000 tons of artillery shells, rockets, aviation bombs and other ordinance.”

Kay did his best, in other words, to tell Congress that the search for WMDs has only just begun–and the major media outlets did their best to pretend otherwise.

Pod, I salute you.


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