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Podhoretz (and Kristol) on Movies, TV, and Pop Culture

If you want a great tutorial on the history of film and television over the last century, this episode of Conversations with Bill Kristol is just great. It’s also kind of funny. By his own admission, Kristol knows very little about popular culture. John Podhoretz’s expertise is encyclopedic on the topic (and several others).

Also, as anyone who has listened to the GLoP or Commentary podcasts knows, John is perfectly happy to keep talking until someone or something makes him stop. Add in the fact that Bill clearly was under the weather (if you listen to the podcast version, you will be annoyed by his frequent loud coughs, and for some reason they didn’t lower his audio track when he coughed), and you have a perfect storm of Podhoretzian pontification. I didn’t keep count, but I think Bill asked maybe four or five questions in the whole thing. It’s as if Bill said, “I really can’t talk much this week. Let’s get John Podhoretz in here to talk about movies.” It’s the conversational equivalent of turning on the auto-pilot, or in this case the auto-Pod. Anyway, it’s great stuff.


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