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The U.S. Capitol building at sunrise, November 6, 2018 (Jim Bourg/Reuters)

If you’re like me, you may look around your neighborhood and see not too many people who share your core assumptions: that the marketplace tends to do a better job solving problems than government bureaucracies and that capitalism is a blessing that lifts people out of poverty; that our constitutional order is marvelous and must be defended at all costs; and that the liberty to think differently and speak freely is not only vital to our country’s national charter but also a critical element of a healthy and vibrant society.

NRPLUS provides a community, a club, and a meeting place for people who share a basic outlook (or are at least willing to engage civilly with those who think as we do). When you join NRPLUS, which at the moment costs just over a buck a week — or a little more if you elect to get the print edition of NR as well — you can join our members-only Facebook group, where writers, editors, and readers hash out the ramifications of the stories of the day. You also get unlimited access to our website, with ads almost eliminated to make for a smoother reading experience, plus invitations to parties with us and conference calls with leading political figures. You know you get far more than a buck a week’s worth of enjoyment out of our site, so take two minutes to join up here.


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