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The Susan B. Anthony List Candidate Fund has put together a series of audio dialogues in an effort to appeal to undecided voters — women especially.

Listen or read some of the conversations below; they can all be found on And you can read more about the effort in a new piece on the project I have up here.

Here’s one on Fannie and Freddie:

 L: Hey girl, it’s me.

K:  Hi Lisa!  Is everything okay?

L:  I have to stop watching the news.  This financial crisis is making me crazy.  I only understand one in three sentences.

K:  I know what you mean.  I’m dreading the arrival of my 401(k) statement.  So what’s another five years of work?  70 is the new 40, right?

L: Let’s keep telling ourselves that. I’ll tell you what really has me mad.  Apparently this whole thing could have been prevented if Congress had done something about the two big companies behind the whole mess.

K:  You mean Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?

L: Yeah. They were making a lot of money on bad mortgages and counting on us to bail them out if things went bad. John McCain tried to put a stop to it.

K: Really? What did Obama do?

L:  Nothing. He knew where his bread was buttered.

K: Let me guess: He got a lot of money from the guys in charge?

L: Bingo. He was near the top of their list for campaign contributions.

K: So now you can’t sleep at night.

L: I wonder how Obama can.

And there’s this on health care (listen here):

K:  Hi Lisa, it’s me.  Do you have a minute?

L:  Yeah, I’ve got a few minutes. What’s up?  You sound stressed.

K: Our CEO announced this morning that they’re switching health care plans to save the company money. I’m trying not to panic.

L:  Oh geez. Do you think it’s going to be bad?

K:  [Sigh] Well, the paperwork isn’t looking good.  Dr. Clarkson isn’t in their plan.  You know how long it took me to find a doctor I like?  Not to mention it looks like my co-pay will be higher. That will make all those visits to the pediatrician even more of a pleasure…

L:  Kelly, I’m sorry. It’s so unfair. Doesn’t it seem like we should at least be able to choose our own doctor?

K:  You know, McCain keeps talking about giving patients the power to make these decisions themselves. I think that’s the only way to fix this mess. Do you know any woman who wants to be told which doctor she can see? No wonder Sarah Palin gets it.

L: And doesn’t Obama want the government to run our health care?

K:  Yes. What an insane idea. It’ll be like being sick and going to the DMV at the same time!

And another on divided government:

Lisa:  Hi Kelly.  Sorry I missed your call.  What’s up?

Kelly:  I’ve been talking with John about the latest polls I keep hearing about. 

Lisa:  Yeah, until they change – which they seem to every week – looks like a Democratic sweep, right?

Kelly:  Right.  But it seems to me there should be a balance.  One party would control the White House and Congress, which in Washington is everything.  Don’t we want one party keeping an eye on the other? 

Lisa: Or at least an independent voice in there somewhere.

Kelly:  Right.  That’s one thing I like about McCain—he’s willing to disagree with his own party.  Meanwhile, Obama seems to agree with the Democrats and all their liberal interest groups on everything.

Lisa:  Politicians do seem to have trouble keeping honest even when the other side is looking over their shoulder.

Kelly: Yeah, he could just be a rubber stamp for a Democratic congress.

Lisa: You think it could get worse if one party runs everything?

Kelly:  Remember I’m Irish.  I always think things can get worse.  And a rubber stamp could definitely be worse.

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