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National Review founder William F. Buckley Jr.

If, like me, you live in hostile territory (Manhattan, in my case), you may find it difficult to find a fellowship of like-minded souls with whom to enjoy civil discussions of matters of interest. Joining NRPlus makes a big difference; for a nominal fee, you not only get the print edition and unlimited access to our website, but you gain admittance to the NRPlus Facebook group, an oasis for reasoned conversation among conservatives. I check in on it all the time and so do other NR writers and editors.

NRPlus costs a bit more than a buck a week, which should give you some inkling as to how lean we keep our operation here: A single copy of the New York Times is $3. I venture to say we run more interesting columns than they do every day. When you join, you’ll also find a huge reduction in ads, which saves you time if you use the site a lot, and you’ll be invited to periodic NR gatherings and conference calls. Recently Ben Shapiro joined Rich Lowry for a robust discussion exclusively for NRPlus subscribers. Before that Karl Rove jumped on a conference call with Rich that was also open to the NRPlus family. Last Christmas we had an office happy hour at which friends of the magazine mingled with Rich and NRO editor Charles C.W. Cooke and the rest of our merry band here. Won’t you join up here and help us fight the good fight?

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