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Jon Carey in Irak

Via Matt at Blackfive :

RE:  Reception of John Kerry by troops in Iraq.

Usually, the way it works is that (1) either a combat commander plays host for the visiting politician or (2) they find a bunch of troops from Massachusetts and make them hang out with Kerry at the Palace (Hillary does that).

One of my Army buddies, a lieutenant colonel in MNF HQ, said this about the meeting planning the glorious return of John Kerry to Iraq:

Hey, I just came from a meeting where they were trying to get some commander, any commander, in the Green Zone, to host Jawn Carri.

Swear to God, the CG is saying, “You can’t tell me you ALL have things going on at that time! Come on!”

So, it appears that JF’nK will be coming to the Palace at the Embassy Annex and sitting around sucking up coffee at the Green Bean while we all try to ignore him.

Me, I’m gonna get a picture with him.

When he says commanders, he’s talking about Colonels.  I deleted his next sentence.  It’s not for folks of gentle persuasions.  Let’s just say he’s not going to wash his hands before meeting the Senator.


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