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Ossoff Unable to Vote for Himself as GA-06 Polls Open

On CNN this morning, Jon Ossoff – the Democratic frontrunner in the special election to replace Rep. Tom Price in Georgia’s sixth congressional district — was confronted with an amusing question: How does he feel about the fact that he can’t vote for himself today? This, of course, is because Ossoff is not a resident of the district he hopes to represent in Congress after today’s election.

Ossoff quickly explained that he lives “down the street” from the district so that he can support his girlfriend while she finishes medical school. He noted that he grew up in the district and his family still resides in it, and he said he plans to move back as soon as his girlfriend is done with school.

The fact that Ossoff is unable to vote for himself as polls open across the sixth district today underscores a campaign that has been criticized as far too “outsider.” The 30-year-old Democrat has managed to raise over $8 million in donations over the course of the two-month race, most of which has come from outside the district.

On the ground, many contend that Ossoff’s support doesn’t come from the average voter, but is being magnified by the national Democratic party and its activists in order to send a strong message of resistance to President Trump and the GOP. Today, GA-06 residents get to cast their votes, indicating whether or not Ossoff’s lack of residency is an issue for them. But unfortunately for his campaign, Ossoff himself will not.


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