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Jon Stewart Knocks Obama for ‘Total Ignorance’ of What’s Going On in His Administration

Jon Stewart took the president to task on the Daily Show Monday night, citing the president’s “total ignorance” of what’s going on in his White House. From the NSA’s spying on allies to the failings of, President Obama (according to claims from administration officials) doesn’t seem to know anything about happenings in his administration.

Speaking of how Obama discovered was flawed only after the site’s launch, Stewart said, “It may be a bit concerning that the president was not kept in the loop about the program that is named after him. But in his defense, there appears to be very few loops he is in.”

Another such loop? NSA surveillance. Following reports that Obama did not know that the NSA was spying on foreign leaders for the first five years of his presidency, Stewart said, “Five years? What! So for five years I assume the president is being presented with the findings from this world leader monitoring. And in those five years it never occurred to the president to say, ‘How we gettin’ this?’”

Stewart then suggested that the president may believe in “surveillance fairies.”

Questioning his White House correspondent Jessica Williams, Stewart asked, “How can the president be unaware of what’s going on around him?”

Because nobody tells him all the bad stuff, Williams said. “I’m telling you, the president is in a bubble.” Nobody tells him anything because they “don’t want to bum him out.”


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