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Jon Stewart Mocks Reid’s Koch Bashing

Jon Stewart mocked Harry Reid’s “crusade for good, money-free politics” and his obsession with the Koch brothers on The Daily Show Tuesday night.

Everyone knows there’s something about Harry, and even Stewart knows what that something is: hypocrisy. Or as Kevin said it, “ People do not cease to be self-interested economic actors when elected to the Senate or employed by the Philadelphia school system.”

Reid has a personal vendetta against the Koch Brothers and it’s united the Democratic party in an all-out war against the Kochs. But Stewart pointed out Reid’s hypocrisy when it comes to supporting billionaires who keep him in office. 

When MSNBC’s Chuck Todd asked Reid in a recent interview why he goes after the Kochs but not Sheldon Adelson — politically active businessman from Reid’s his home state — the senator responded, “I know Sheldon Adelson. He’s not in this for money; he’s in this because he has certain ideological views.”

The Daily Show concluded from Reid’s statement that corruption in politics equals billionaires spending money on things that don’t benefit your politics.

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