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Jonah Comes Sweeping Down the Plains

Our colleague Mr. Goldberg will be in the Sooner State on Thursday, September 20, to discuss a bit about conservatism, a bit about current affairs, but mostly, of course, about the themes from his best-selling book, Suicide of the West, at an event co-sponsored by National Review Institute and Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs. The forum will be held at the Advance Center for Free Enterprise at 415 Northeast 13th Street in beautiful Oklahoma City. Registration begins at 11:30, the program starts at noon, and yes, Jonah will be all too happy to sign your copies (and even happier if you buy additional copies!). Isn’t it always the case: Space is limited! Register ASAP here.

Oh, did I forget to mention that the book event is . . . free? And that . . . lunch will be provided, also free?!


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