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Jonah’s Not Cool

Jonah: These imputations of ulterior motive are not worth bothering with.

I get a steady drizzle of them, rising briefly to a downpour when I say

anything friendly about the Jews/Israel: “Trying to ingratiate yourself

with the neocons, eh, Mr. D?” If I say anything *rude* about the

Jews/Israel the drizzle goes: “Trying to ingratiate yourself with the

paleocons, eh, Mr. D?” If I am nice to George W. Bush: “Still hoping for

that speechwriting job, eh, Mr. D?” If I am mean to George W. Bush:

“Trying to draw attention to yourself by taking a contrarian position, eh,

Mr. D?” Et cetera, et cetera, et bloody boring cetera. Forget them. I

write what I think. I don’t have ulterior motives and I don’t know anyone

in this line of work that I suspect of such motives. Hardly anybody’s mind

works like that. The only people whose minds *do* work like that, in fact,

are the dipwads who cook up these kinds of hypotheses.


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