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Joy Reid on How Pat Buchanan Is Right, Hillary’s ‘Male Ambitions’, the ‘Nattering Nellies’ of NOW, and Dick Cheney’s Voodoo Dolls

Joy Reid (YouTube screengrab via MSNBC)

There’s plenty more eyebrow-raising passages in the old blog of MSNBC host Joy Reid — or perhaps all of this is the work of that darned hacker that she alleged inserted controversial statements into her past writings.

Let’s begin with this assessment of the best way to deal with the Muslim world in February 7, 2006:

“Western commentators should give up trying to lecture the Muslim world about adopting secular values of free speech and democracy. As Pat Buchanan says all the time, we really should just leave them the hell alone, do business on the oil and whatever else we’re trading, and let the Muslim world develop on its own. Unless some country over there attacks us or our interests, teaching them to be good, secular democrats is really none of our concern.”

Raise your hand if you ever expected Joy Reid to approvingly quote Pat Buchanan.

In the 2007 State of the Union Address, President Bush referred to ailing members of Congress and said, “We pray for the recovery and speedy return of Senator Tim Johnson and Congressman Charlie Norwood.” Reid wrote, “The prez also sent well wishes to the two incapacitated members of Congress — something the vice president has probably consulted his voodoo dolls about nightly. . .”

Then there’s Reid’s assessment of the 2008 Democratic primary lineup, which features a characterization of Hillary Clinton’s ambitions that would probably rub quite a few Democrats the wrong way . . .

“Everybody knows everything there probably is to know about the Clintons — good and bad. Americans have already taken it into account. That means that Hillary can only do one of two things, when it comes to the non-traditional, general election audiences she needs to woo: she can either confirm their worst suspicions about her (that she’s a social climbing shrew who let her hubby pork another woman and get away with it so she could fulfill her own, venemous [sic] and strangely male ambitions) … or, she can pleasantly surprise them, the way she has done with Republican-leaning upstate New Yorkers and Republican members of the Senate. My bet is that Hillary has the discipline and the skills to do the latter.”

Or, once the 2008 primary heated up, her defense of women who preferred Obama and dismissed complaints from the National Organization of Women, who she called “nattering nelly’s [sic]”.

 “You mean not supporting Hillary is a betrayal of all women? Well vote me off the island! … This is why nobody listens to this bunch.”

Obviously, quite a few Hillary Clinton critics would agree with that. But one wonders if the Joy Reid of 2016 or today would agree.

Or maybe that hacker has just been extremely busy lately.

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