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Juan & Me.

I’m getting on a plane in a minute, and I haven’t read the blog(s) pushing all of the asinine email coming my way from people bugging me to “make good” on “my bet” with Juan Cole from two years ago over the future of Iraq. To recap: Juan Cole in our little spat, was cross with me for criticizing him (entirelly accurately) for his interpretation of the Iraqi elections. After lots of whining and similar blogspat stuff, I challenged him to bet with me on the future of Iraq. I even taunted him to take the bet. He wouldn’t (with a great deal of sanctimony about how it would be wrong to do so, even though he’d done something similar before). Needless to say, if he’d taken the bet he would have won, quite obviously. So now a bunch of people are bugging me to “make good” on a bet I never made. But guess what? I have no problem giving money to the USO and similar organizations and have done so several times since 9/11. So, sure, maybe I will. Though my wife wants to give to St. Jude’s this year. Regardless, I don’t see the gotchya here. I’ve said many times and in many ways that the war hasn’t gone well. I’ve even used the word the “mistake” and admitted I was wrong about much stuff.  Etc. But, while I will surely give money to a worthy cause(s) this year. I doubt I will jump through the hoops of these people. 


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