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The Bush White House has promised not to make any more judicial

recess appointments for the duration of the president’s term. White House

chief of staff Andrew Card met with Senate leaders this morning in an effort

to break the impasse in which Democrats have blocked more than 30 of the

president’s judicial nominees (including those who are currently the target

of Democratic filibusters). In return for Card’s promise that the president

would not use his recess appointment power for judicial nominations, Senate

Minority Leader Tom Daschle promised to let 25 judicial nominees — all of

them uncontroversial — move through the Senate. That number includes 20

District Court nominees and five appeals court nominees, who will receive

Senate action before the end of June.

The judicial nominees have been caught in a Democratic blockade

since March, when the President made a recess appointment of filibustered

appeals-court nominee William Pryor. Before that, the president had

recess-appointed Charles Pickering, another nominee who had been

filibustered by Democrats. After the Pryor appointment, Democrats pledged

to stop all judicial appointments until the president promised to give up

his power to make recess appointments to the judiciary, which is what, in

limited form, the White House did today.


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