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The Judges Thing

Given the decisions out of the Supreme Court, I’ve been a little surprised the McCain campaign has not jumped more systematically on the issue of federal judges this week.  Sure, they’ve said the right things, but McCain has somewhat inflexibly stuck to his plan for the week even though we have now had three decisions on huge issues — war on terror detainees, the death penalty, and guns — all decided by the narrowest of margins and all pointing to how enormously important the issue of judges is, particularly for that significant portion of the Republican base whose loyalty McCain still hasn’t locked up.

Hillary Clinton seems to get it.  At her appearance with Barack Obama this afternoon, when she got to the part where she listed the dangers of electing McCain, the first thing out of her mouth was that McCain “sees right-wing judges appointed to the Supreme Court and says, ‘Why not a few more?’”  In Clinton’s telling, judges came before the deficit and Iraq.  


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