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Judis On Edwards

John Judis, always interesting in my opinion (which is different than always right of course), has a good item on John Edwards. His conclusion:

Edwards continues to fly blind on foreign policy. He says whatever he thinks an audience wants to hear. It’s not that he has a fairly definite foreign policy, but adjusts his views to audiences and the circumstances. He has none, zero.

Update: We definitely need more Frank Drebin references around here, from a reader:

Very insightful… we’re talking about a man that has been running for president almost as long as he’s held office. He reminds me of Leslie Nielsen’s character in “Naked Gun”, where he poses as the umpire at an Angels’ game & quickly realizes that he will get cheered if he makes calls that will please the home crowd, and he likes it a liitle too much. Edwards is almost as bad as when Sen Dole in the ‘96 election, to fight off Perot, posed himself as a reformer!!!


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