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Judy Woodruff Looking Down On Us

I’ve gotten more than a few e-mails asking why CNN is advertising on NRO (look up). First off, they evidently want you to watch CNN, think you are a valuable audience. But—and I do this, admittedly, as editor of the website where they are currently running a paid ad, but it was the honest truth the day before I knew about the ad and will continue to be true after this ad is off the top of The Corner and other NRO pages–Inside Politics, like National Journal’s “Hotline” (which is way more expensive, I might add), is a must for political junkies. I know I’ve long been addicted. Before I had a TV on my desk at NRO World Headquarters, I hated CNN for not rerunning it in the middle of the night (when, as you may have noticed, I’m occasionally not sleeping), instead running…well, other programs I don’t find quite as useful. Among other things, Inside Politics has Jeff Greenfield going for it—it’s my personal crusade that he get his own show back (seehere and here), but for now, Judy Wooddruff’s got him quite often. Chuck Todd from the Hotline is on regularly…among other treats. Anyhow, just because CNN may be biased, doesn’t mean it’s not worth investing some time in. Remember, CNN has Kate O’Beirne and Jonah Goldberg, afterall…


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