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President Obama’s supremely creeply “Julia” campaign, just released onto his official website, is not only a perfect example of the man’s cradle-to-grave welfare mentality, but also puts one in mind of The Beatles’ song, “Julia” — the first line of which is, “Half of what I say is meaningless, but I say it just to reach you.” The “Julia” chart shows how much better off a fictional American would be under Barack Obama than Mitt Romney as she goes through her life, although, given that Julia lives for at least 67 years, one presumes Obama will not be president for most of it. (And not even Mitt Romney can run for a third time.)

The chart would be more useful if, at each stage in the life of “Julia,” we were enlightened as to her share of the national debt and her tax burden, along with projected federal deficits and unfunded liabilities. 

Have a look here.


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