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Junk Joe Instead

By combining self-regarding, preening preachiness with the ambition and tactics of Uriah Heep, the awful Joe Lieberman is quite possibly the least likeable of all the Democratic candidates, no small achievement in a field that includes a race baiter, a mad doctor, a star child and Lurch. Senator Heep’s latest idea, however, quite literally takes the biscuit. Having read somewhere that there is an ‘obesity epidemic’ Lieberman wants big government to intervene against big stomachs. His policy initiatives (directed against ‘junk’ food) are the usual presumptuous and insulting pap, but, best of all, perhaps, was the admission to NBC that, ahem, he doesn’t actually know what junk food is:

“Lieberman’s campaign officials said the senator will not define what junk food is, leaving that to dietary and health care experts.”

He’s going to leave it to the “experts.” Oh, that’s OK then.


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