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Just 37 Reasons

to come on the National Review 2012 Post-Election Cruise:

Andrew Breitbart, Scott Rasmussen, Victor Davis Hanson, Bernard Lewis, Ralph Reed, Cal Thomas, Elliott Abrams, Ed Gillespie, John Yoo, Bing West, Mona Charen, Jonah Goldberg, Rich Lowry, Andrew McCarthy, John Fund, James Lileks, James Pethokoukis, Priscilla Buckley, James L. Buckley, Alan Reynolds, Brian Anderson, Rob Long, Michael Walsh, Kevin Williamson, Jim Geraghty, Mark Krikorian, Roger Kimball, John O’Sullivan, Ed Whelan, Jay Nordlinger, Ramesh Ponnuru, John Derbyshire, Kathryn Lopez, Robert Costa, John J. Miller, Andrew Stuttaford, and, last and least, Kaj Relwof.

And those are the speakers so far. Of course, there are plenty more reasons to attend what will be the conservative event of 2012, like the nine scintillating seminars (each over two hours long and allowing for your Q & A) in which our guest speakers and editors will discuss the election results, foreign affairs, the economy, the future of the conservative movement, and much more, two “Night Owl” sessions (fun-filled post-dinners affairs where our more humorous guest speakers take a lighter look at liberalism), three revelrous cocktail parties (they’re great opportunities to chat and have photos taken with your favorite conservatives), one absolutely fantastic late-night poolside smoker (featuring complimentary world-class H Upmann cigars and cognac), and at least two nights of intimate dining with our editors and speakers.

If you’re one of those long-time NR readers who have always wanted to cone on one of our cruises, but just couldn’t / wouldn’t make the reservation, why not finally do it. You won’t regret it (the “typical NR cruiser has been on five of our sailings—they’re coming back again and again because of the great experiences). And if you’re a single fearful you’ll be a loner in a sea of couples, think again: over a quarter of our attendees will be sailing solo.

Interested? Ready to sign up? You can do that (securely), and get complete information about this wonderful and affordable trip (scheduled for November 11-18 aboard Holland America Line’s Nieuw Amsterdam) at


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