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Just 75 Left

Folks are liking this replica of Bill Buckley’s famous “Will You Listen?” poster from his 1965 New York City mayoral campaign. Whether you were alive at the time or not, aware or not, Bill’s effort was historic, from its nerve and moxie to its wit (“Demand a recount!”) and consequence (a year later, Ronald Reagan was elected Governor of California). Fast and furious come the orders.

Beautiful, classic, suitable for framing, printed on top-quality paper, capturing the founder of the modern conservative movement in his youthful vibrancy, it’s the perfect thing to adorn the wall of any conservative’s library, and will make a terrific gift for the Buckley fan or maybe even for that old-timer relative who has regaled you for years about the thrill of volunteering for Bill way back when. The cost is only $19.65, delivered safe and sound and on our nickel. Get your copy now (we’re at the printer with the project now, so they’ll be shipped within one week) at the NRO Store. This is a limited edition project so get yours before they’re gone (we’ve got less than 75 remaining).

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