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The time has come for you to subscribe to the Digital edition of National Review, for the following pertinent reasons: it costs only $21.95 for a full year, which is nearly $40 cheaper than the on-paper magazine; it comes in PDF, Image, and Text formats; and it arrives the day after the magazine comes off the printing press (which means you have no “lost in the mail” silliness). Subscribe here. And a note to all you good folks who already subscribe to NR magazine–you get FREE access to NR/Digital! Sign up right here.

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The old anti-Semitism was mostly, but not exclusively, a tribal prejudice expressed in America up until the mid 20th century most intensely on the right. It manifested itself from the silk-stocking country club and corporation (“gentlemen’s agreement”) to the rawer regions of the Ku Klux Klan’s lunatic ... Read More