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This Just in From Florence King

I told our dear former columnist that I wish she were still in NR, standing athwart the fruity plains yelling stop. Imagine a King column on, say, gay marriage. Alas, one can only dream, because Florence has indeed retired the pen — but she did send these nuggets of wisdom on current events and said I could share them with NRO fans. Voila!

“I have a classically conservative take on gay marriage: I see no reason to mainstream a good old-fashioned perversion.”

“On the new Princess Diana tapes, she says that she threw herself down the stairs even though she knew she was carrying a child. She wasn’t just carrying a child, she was carrying England. As soon as the baby was born she should have been beheaded for treason.”

“The Kobe Bryant rape victim is starting to sound like Caroline of Brunswick, consort of George IV, who boasted, “I change my drawers twice a year whether they’re dirty or not.”

By the way, if you miss our Misanthrope (who doesn’t!?), visit “Fridays with Florence” for a curmudgeonly blast from the past.


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