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The Overexposed John Kasich

I didn’t do this one for NRO, since it was an attempt to preach to the heathens in hopes that they might find salvation, but for those who might be interested, I have an article at CNN today that looks at the way the liberal media has, for ideological reasons, shamelessly promoted John Kasich’s pointless campaign. 

I’ve already made my feelings about Kasich quite clear before while writing for NRO, but on the eve of what I expect to be Kasich’s biggest “triumph” tonight of the election season (i.e. a few pointless second place finishes in liberal states that will be Democrat strongholds in November), I think it’s still important to continue to call out one of the biggest Trump enablers of the 2016 campaign.

If the GOP winds up with Trump as the nominee, Kasich will in the Hall of Shame of the folks who made it happen.  He’ll be a first-ballot nominee along with the various Republican operatives and politicians who (on and off the record) have lamented the catastrophic damage they believe Trump would do to the party while declining to actually do anything practical to either bolster Cruz, Trump’s only serious competition for the nomination, or, if that is too overwhelming for their delicate constitutions, at least get actively involved in the Anti-Trump effort. 

Let’s be clear– there’s nothing heroic about Kasich’s deal with Cruz. The only useful contribution he can make to the campaign at this point is to leave it, something that candidates with more honor, intelligence, and voter support did more than a month ago.


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